Wrapping up 2019 the Location Solutions Way

Location Solutions

Wrapping up 2019 the Location Solutions Way

It was a year filled with exciting adventures, outstanding achievements, and energetic attitudes – the Location Solutions team joined together one last time in 2019 for a fun-filled day and grilled deliciousness. 

The team gathering took place in Creek Park, Dubai on Thursday the 26th of December 2019 and was labeled “LS Team Dinner”

Friendly team building activities between team members

Members of the team participated in different friendly competitions where winners were applauded. The team was able to enjoy each others company and face-off in contents as the rest took sides cheering and boo-ing. 

Mr. Henley, Implementation Engineer at LS, receiving medals for his performance in 2019

Competitions consisted of Best Cheer, Racing while duct taped, Balloon making, and many other fun activities.

Throughout the day other awards were given out – worthy of mentioning here Mr. Henley, our Implementation Engineer, who scored multiple numbers on behalf of his team, including Earliest in The Office. 

Towards the end, the team enjoyed a five-star meal prepared by professional caterers. 

Location Solutions 2019 wrap up team dinner
Happy new year!

Location Solutions team said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed the new year with energy and happiness – we hope you did too!