Refrigerated Cargo Industry


Critical assets may be compromised if not handled at the right temperature.
Don’t let this be your problem and explore our Refrigerated Cargo Solutions

Refrigerated Cargo Industry

Constantly searching for a better system to transport the critical assets at all the right temperatures, and ensure they are delivered on time?

Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage segments and a number of other areas require stringent adherence to temperature, humidity and other health-related requirements. When standards are crucial, there’s only one way to make it right! Our intelligent tracking system ensures that any mission-critical parameter is tracked, with temperature deviations being reported at all times. Alerts and notifications are triggered and shared with a dispatcher along the way, planned vs actual routes tracked to deliver your valuable assets safe and sound.

Key Features:

Temperature control by location solutions

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Refrigerated cargo tracking

Thermo-king Integration

Route optimization by location solutions

Route Scheduling

fleet management by location solutions

Trip Optimization

location solutions gps tracking

Cargo Safety Locks & Seals

Cameras for student tracking location solutions

Camera Installation

Fuel monitoring and tracking by location solutions

Fuel Management

Notifications for fleet management by location solutions

Notifications & Reports

geo fence for fleet by location solutions

Geofence Control


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