Pressure In Motion


Cutting edge technology improving the quality of
work and decreasing the time spent on regular actions
The new best practice for truck tyre and load management
The pressure-in-motion by Location Solutions is an integrated system that tackles various elements related to truck pressure.
Tyre pressure and temperature :
keeping tabs on tyre pressures in large commercial fleets can be complex, but the risks of not doing so are high. Our drive-over tyre pressure monitoring system requires no mechanical devices on the vehicle or wheels, and we provide instant alerts and support. Any vehicle can drive over our system at any time, ensuring simple, effortless, highly effective tyre management. Our tyre temperature monitor identifies overheated tyres by comparing tyre temperatures on the same axle, giving fleet managers insight into potential problems
Truck weight :
For logistics operators, our accredited weigh-in-motion system ensures vans and trucks don’t leave the depot with overloaded axles or excessive overall weight.
Tread depth :
For cars and vans, we use sophisticated imaging and algorithms to measure tyre tread depth all around the circumference of each wheel.