Waste Management


Issues with dispatching waste collecting vehicles as well as
collecting waste and organizing its designation can be
eliminated entirely with our Waste Management Solutions

Waste Management

Are you suffering from dispatching issues? Is your fleet unable to cover all areas where the waste bins are located?

Waste collection is one of the most important jobs in the world, involving compliance issues and operational efficiency at best!

Our smart bin sensors measure the level of bins and make sure that collections are scheduled only when bins are filled, our route optimization and management software creates a route for vehicles with designated stops and geofence notifications.

Key Features:

gps tracking

Live tracking & monitoring of mobile and fixed assets

ls data

trips & stops logs for mobile assets

waste management by location solutions

waste bin activity/ number of visits

Location solutions report

Detailed utilization report

Vehicle tracking and monitoring by location solutions

Vehicle overspeeding

vehicle braking

Harsh Braking & Rapid Acceleration


Associated Clients:

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