Heavy Equipment Management


Monitoring construction vehicles with all their delicate parameters
and operators? Location Solutions has just the right fix

Heavy Equipment Management

Are you in construction business, and looking for a solution to monitor all your equipment?

Construction in the GCC is moving at a rapid pace.

From diesel management to automated routing and scheduling, our GPS fleet tracking solution for heavy equipment provides a full history equipment analysis, detects fuel theft and unauthorized loading events, and increases productivity per truck and reduces vehicle overtime sufficiently!

Daily live view of equipment utilization adds to the overall efficiency and reduces the cost of ownership through proper scheduling.

Key Features:

Location solutions report

Utilization Reports

alert sent for fleet management by location solutions

Delay Alerts

Fuel monitoring and tracking by location solutions

fuel theft detection

find unauthorized

unauthorised loading

car trips tracking by location solutions

trip delays


history of equipment analysis

LS dashboard

management dashboard

delivery tracking by location solutions

productivity per truck


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