AI Driver Evaluation Simulator

AI Driver Evaluation Simulator

Learn everything about your drivers’ capabilities in 15 minutes
Are your drivers fit for their positions?

Using the latest artificial intelligence technology, the AI Driver Evaluation Simulator will enable a data-based driver evaluation. This will enhance the existing procedures with a much deeper, biometric, insight into the drivers’ behavior.

Learn 80% more about the driver after one evaluation than after 20 hours of watching him or her drive on the road.

Similar to the medical tests, the smart AI system aims at qualifying each driver KPIs on the basis of their detailed psycho-physical characteristics and ability to handle with critical road scenarios within less than 30 minutes.

Latest technology which impressed experts.

The technology has been developed and patented by the Nervtech AI scientists in collaboration with Standford University and Virgina Tech. Nervtech AI Evaluation System has been successfully tested by the Red Bull Racing Team receiving their praise for being the closest to the real road experience.

Features and components


Motion driving simulator

Real life driving experience, driving forces, engines & sounds.

Biometrical data collection

Cutting-edge Eye scanners, ECG, GSR, HR, TEMP & vehicle telemetry.

Real traffic & environments

Digital Twin, Real 3D environments, position of the road, weather conditions, multimodal traffic.

Cognitive AI & avatars simulation

Embedded deep learning for in-simulation traffic participants.

Driver behavior evaluation

Fully automated AI report, scoring, video reporting.
AI-Based Driving Evaluation by Location Solutions



Lower Costs

Less Fuel needed, Smart Insurance, Lower Maintenance Costs

Improved Safety

Lower number of Accidents, Fatalities, Penalties

Eco-Positive Society

Reduced CO2 Footprint

Happier Road Experience

Happy Passengers, Ethical Drivers on the Roads