Managed Transportation


Owning a corporate fleet or a car rental business is madness for
followups. Don’t let it be with our Managed Transportation Service

Managed Transportation Services

Are you in a car rental business, or looking for ways to monitor your corporate fleet?

Be up to date with the status of your vehicles through GPS tracking, learn the driving behavior patters, and find ways to improve them based on our scoring system. Gain control over the total maintenance and utilization cycle, and bring down the total cost of ownership by doing so.

Advanced and flexible report system will leverage the value by making some of the key parameters available at a click, such as fuel management, geofence control, private vs corporate trips.

Driver ID systems will let you distinguish the drivers, and give access only to authorised ones to your vehicles.

Key Features:

Reports generated for fleet tracking

Maintenance & Utilization Reports

Driver monitoring by location solutions

Driving Behaviour Management

car trips tracking by location solutions

Private vs Corporate Trips

driver identification by location solutions

Driver ID Function

alert sent for fleet management by location solutions

Idling Alerts

Fuel monitoring and tracking by location solutions

Fuel Management Reports

Notifications for fleet management by location solutions

Geofence Alerts & Notifications

Private Fleet App: car sharing and booking application

Do you want to get better use of your pool cars?

Our flexible module for corporate car sharing simply makes your operations smarter!

allows your employees to share cars for both business or private purposes
helps to track workforce performance and utilization dynamics
ensures the optimal number of units in operation


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