Dubai is getting on the rails! New flying technologies to sweep the transportation industry among others this February!

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Dubai is getting on the rails! New flying technologies to sweep the transportation industry among others this February!

Technological growth in the region continues its journey on a rising slope, and in the month of February, the impressive range of advancements in the transportation industry were highlighted through a number of announcements and exhibitions. 

Started off with the major new deal that Dubai pledged to, new Sky Pods for transportation! The new experience will be a part of the Dubai skyline soon enough and will be taking passengers across the country swiftly. The pods cater to a small number of passengers and are connected to a rod lifted from the ground. The goal of such a step according to RTA is to increase the use of autonomous driving in the country by at least 25% by the year 2030. The developers of this technology, UK’s BeemCar Ltd, are working on a futuristic urban transportation system to shape the safety and reliability we’re looking for. 

Careem bike rental station available in Dubai

In other more eco-friendly news, Careem, the friendly transportation system for everyone in the country, launched a Rent-A-Bike initiative in multiple areas of the big city and will be at service with them in more than 300 spots in the next coming month. 

Looking at exhibitions, Middle East Rail took place at Dubai World Trade Center and catered to almost every possible segment under the railing industry from transporting trailers off and on the rails to mapping possible railways from a drone in the sky. 

TieBam LLC process of making sustainable Bamboo sleepers for railroads

Technologies in the exhibit were inclusive of eco-friendly sleepers made out of bamboo grass. TieBam INC says that the purpose of such material is to keep the train rails arranged without producing toxins into the environment from consumption until the end of use; this material also lasts a few years more than the average hardwood pieces usually used and doesn’t decrease green spaces as bamboo tends to grow back faster than trees do. Bamboo is collected, compressed, mixed with safe chemicals, and then placed on the rails for years with less cost and more durability. 

The exhibit also highlighted the use of drones and the possibilities they have in this kind of industry. The company WINGTRA was present and showcased its uses of a drone with vertical landing technology enabling touchdown in areas as confined as 2x2m like boats and forest lanes. This technology combined with a flight range of up to 50 km, allows large coverage mapping missions that have been impossible up until today. 

WINGTRA conventional drone machine works to map out railway project plans

More of these dynamic developments are coming our way in the region, and Location Solutions team and partners are looking forward to utilizing these ideas and leading the rapid change around!