Technological trends in the region, here’s what they can do for you!

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Technological trends in the region, here’s what they can do for you!

 The gulf region on the lookout to make structural changes based on the accelerated growth in automation and machinery around the world. 

The gulf is no stranger to rapid growth, and with the colossal amount of advanced technology, the region is expected to jump the slope. With concepts as vast as the Internet of Things, 5G, Augmented realities, and many others, the transportation industry among all industries will definitely be reshaped entirely and is expected to bring forth the best possible uses of such technologies. 

The concept taking everyone in every trade by a storm is the incomparable 5G networking system that is not only allowing the fastest decisions to be made in critical time yet but is also allowing multiple decisions in multiple dimensions to be taken simultaneously. How is that possible? In the not-so-far future, autonomous driving is a reality and with that, 5G and Artificial Intelligence go hand-in-hand in grouping numerous vehicles into one route under one speed; meaning that emissions and traffic accidents will decrease as a matter of course and essentially eliminate traffic, fuel waste, and fear of driving around big vehicles. 

Not only will driving itself be altered in its essence but monetizing and tracking every parameter in vehicles will become incredibly instant and updated in a matter of seconds – this means “live tracking” will become more literal than ever. Of course, it all boils down to a proper infrastructure built welcoming the technology and understanding its challenges. When it comes to a properly build base, the GCC, and specifically the UAE, is a native to it – building proper roads to welcome vast change in no time. Telecommunications companies in the area have already begun establishing, dispositioning, and growing 5G technology and are in talks of providing personal 5G telecom services.

Other breakthroughs that will possibly be shaking the fleet management industry, both autonomous and dependent, soon are grid-scale batteries. Relying on sustainable energy resources has been a long-awaited dream for mankind, only because the resources are unreliable and unpredicted. However, with solutions that allow storage of energy at peak production times and deploying it later when needed, these issues will be of the past. 

The region has already made its commitment to the improvement of battery efficiency and using it in the new Abu Dhabi’s Virtual Battery Plant. Harvesting energy in multiple forms and at a large scale is no longer a possibility but a valid and workable solution! 

A much-needed change that will compellingly transform the world’s biggest problem at the moment is the eradication of depending on fuel for transport. Currently, the use of fuel-dependent vehicles is too large scale that it is negatively affecting the planet as a whole; in this regard, the GCC is, as always, a pioneer in taking a step towards change. In recent times, bikes, electric vehicles, and even electric air pods have been highlighted in the regional news; and for that, in alignment with the expectations to have very limited fuel emissions in transport, electric transportation is going to be heavily relied on. 

Careem, Tesla, and Toyota are leading the change toward that change in the UAE, and soon to be the GCC region. As it is expected, that this area will be the first of many in the world to be efficiently running on durable energy resources sooner than the rest. 

With that, Location Solutions is surely taking the lead in bringing forth these technological possibilities first-hand to our clients. Doing so, by advancing our existing solutions and aligning them with futuristic ideals in the tech world.

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