Fleet Overview by Location Solutions


Fleet Overview by Location Solutions

Fleet Overview is a platform we provide to our clients oriented towards easing the management of big fleets and simplifying the monitoring and tracking processes. The system was launched by Location Solutions in 2009 and since then received continuous improvements and continues to impress clients from all over the GCC. 

Analytical DASHBOARD

Allows you get to the overall project/fleet analysis with all parameters involved (from averages in fuel spent, distance traveled to drivers’ efficiency)

Some of the standard platform features include geofencing, vehicle status, and activity monitoring. 

Live updates of every vehicle in the fleet are constantly available, and if any error is detected – alerts are instantly generated by the system.  

In the example below, you may see that the notification is received by email at the same moment as the asset leaves the geofence. Other types of notifications can also be activated based on your monitoring objectives. 

Additional sensors ( or can-bus based sensor values) can also be integrated with the system, for example, temperature sensors to keep track and receive alerts of temperature status or un-welcomed heat in the vehicle, this feature is mandatory for sensitive pharmaceutical items, F&B and FMCG sectors. Below is the graph that shows the changing values of Fuel and Temperature in the interface. 

For sensors installed in different chiller parts, there are more graphical comparisons, showing how the door status ( open/closed) affected the temperature in the chiller compartment. And whether the chiller is showing any performance issues. 

Again, speaking of other sensors and their values. Due to the introduction of WASL project in KSA (LS gets WASL approved) – the weight of trucks and cargo has become of great importance to keep the roads from damage caused by overweight. We’ve integrated weight and tire pressure values from sensors, or CANBus and have introduced a graphical way of tracking them.

Fuel is one of the most sensitive commodities in the region, mainly due to the fact that its usage is directly related to the driving practices, maintenance and utilization issues of the fleet. In certain cases, as we all know, it shows whether or not theft is an issue among the drivers in the organization. 

How do Fuel reports work?

Above is an example of a fuel report interrupted during work hours and decreasing afterward. Following noting this incident a log report was generated with the name of the driver and the number of the vehicle in question (below)

Reporting module (flexible and configurable), and any type of data can be downloaded in your preferred format ( pie charts, Gantt charts, analytical excel sheets, etc). 

For fast setup – tutorials and video instructions are available within the platform, they will aid your work and help in configuring the right data set. 

Our report types include, but not limited to the following areas: 

Some of the most popular reports are: 

  1. Driver report ( specify a bit) — gives them ranking, provides effective assessment of their driving styles, etc 

For maximum efficiency can be combined with the driver abuse report, which segregates the data by pinpointing areas where the driver accelerated/decelerated or performed any dangerous driving patterns whatsoever. 

  1. Utilization report: 

Gives an overview of how the vehicle is being utilized within the operational schedule of each driver, attached to a specific vehicle during his shift. 

  1. One of the modules that proved great value is the maintenance module.

Each maintenance has been recorded in the system – it shows historical maintenance and future due dates – e.g. registration – reminder – oil change – air filter  every certain amount of engine hours 

Keep track of due dates is simple through updating time or distance left for each service. 

  1. Fuel log report shows when the driver stole fuel and how the difference between the distance traveled and fuel spent was shown. 

With more to come, LS1 by Location Solutions is a wholesome product providing comprehensive experiences for fleets in the region. 

For greater usability, our mobile version of Fleet Overview helps to access asset KPIs faster, and receive instant alerts based on your fleet activity. 

To make sure that all devices and sensors are running without interruptions, Location Solutions has built an integrated module for proactive support called Fleet Health. 

The system collects abnormalities in devices, and alerts associated support departments over any errors/error history. This enables us to act faster and smarter by replacing the units, reconfiguring the trackers, or simply bringing the error to the attention of the clients. 

Our team is dedicated to updating and enhancing this experience inline with feedback and for ultimate optimization all the time. 

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