Location Solutions brings you Innovation Information Technology Consultancy!

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Location Solutions brings you Innovation Information Technology Consultancy!

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Information Innovation Technology Consultants

Innovation Information Technology Consultancy (I2TC)  is a company branching from Location Solutions aiming at alleviating the stress from medium and large businesses by analyzing their Fleet management and ERP data and providing them with clear bottom lines and even a few steps beyond that.

The accumulating experiences that we’ve gathered at Location Solutions are being utilized and incorporated into the activities of I2TC. On a daily bases, at Location Solutions, we are analyzing huge masses of transportation and fleet-related information and are creating data-driven applications to optimize processes; therefore, abling ourselves to launch a specified experience for our clients by doing the work for them.

All businesses are striving towards optimizations: shrinking the number of platforms used, restructuring the departments, reducing the amount of manual labor, etc… We understand the demand and changing trend. Our offer stands: we shall do the analytical work for you, and allow your decision making to be driven by it.

What I2TC does: 

We understand that working with Fleet Management systems may be uneasy stress for the team, and allocating the right resources, and consecutively engaging them into proper training may also become a stretch. At Location Solutions, we are providing tools for effective fleet management, yet some companies are requiring a more dedicated approach and also require personnel to analyze these systems for them. At I2TC we have a team of qualified experts eager to take the edge off you and let you focus on what you do best: servicing your clients. 

We offer:


  • Report Analysis
  • Telematics Consultancy
  • Telematics as Services

Q: Having a Fleet Management system in place already and needing someone to break the match of it for you?

A: Easy, we will share the reports and essential KPIs on a scheduled basis for you. 

Q: Struggling with the ERP implementation in your team and needing a hand?

A: Not ain issue, we shall guide you into using the best techniques to facilitate the process. 

Q: Needing a system to optimize some of the important metrics within your company: be that fleet, assets, staff or any type of integration?

A: We are there to help and suggest the best tools from the market, far and beyond. 

The bottom line is: I2TC has a team at your service taking the workload off your shoulders and handing in accurate and reliable bottom lines leading to excellent results.

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