October 2019 in Dubai making smart transport a soon-to-be-reality!

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October 2019 in Dubai making smart transport a soon-to-be-reality!

Location Solutions is proudly settled in the hub of global innovation and technological advancements, Dubai. As we welcomed the month of October in the city, we also braced ourselves for the incredible tech-shows to come during it!

Starting off with Gitex 2019, the biggest tech show in the MENA and South Asia regions, where expectations of 5G technologies were highlighted alongside possibilities of smart cities and artificial intelligence services. 

With over 100,000 viewers at the exhibition, more than 4,800 exhibitors from 140 countries had phenomenal displays of what the future in transport is about to look like and what a smart city is capable of in terms of urban-living. 

Location Solutions was able to relate to most exhibitors and present our innovative technologies that are able to take driverless products to the next level – guaranteeing safety, limiting on-road injuries, and enhancing altogether performance. 

One of the most notable transport innovations was the Virgin Hyperloop One. Setting new groundbreaking autonomous transport limits in time efficiency – taking, for example, its ability to shorten the hour and a half long drive from Dubai to the capital to a 12-minute comfort ride. 

An electric flying motorbike, Lazareth, powered by 5G technology, was on display at the Etisalat stand to further show Dubai’s willingness to embrace autonomous and electric vehicles. Next to that at the same stand, the autonomous wheelchair experience was also shown making the movement of people of determination in public easier using an App. 

Newly entering Gitex, Renault previewed their Robo-vehicle that is operated autonomously and is capable of driving around the city and the highway with minimal to zero human control. 

Dubai Police unveiled its newest groundbreaking project of the first-ever Smart Floating Police Station – which will be operated fully with innovative unmanned technologies. 

Another innovative transportation device at the exhibition was the HEXA by LIFT Aircraft, an air transport machine for one individual controlled by a joystick. 

All of which and more were evidence on the outlook Dubai welcomes for its vision for an urban-like driverless transport future in smart cities, coupled with the possibilities that such innovations are bringing for the fleet management industry and GPS tracking systems.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced a goal that “by 2030, 25% of all transportation trips in Dubai will be smart and driverless.” His statement and determination allowed Dubai to host global innovations in transport – allowing in turn Location Solutions to provide its capabilities in smart transport management. 

As the month went on, Dubai Self-driving Congress took place showcasing the newest innovations and identifying the impact of technologies on transport strategies – through 60 exhibitors and over 40 seminars and product demonstrations. 

A competition was also a key element of the event – in which NAVYA won the Durability and Reliability award as well as the Customer Experience award for their innovative self-driving technologies. 

With exhibitors like Tesla and Huawei, vehicles with Autopilot functions were on display giving a glimpse of full-driving capabilities in the future.

Innovations being tested for possible real use in Dubai, like the Flying Taxi, were for the show – making a fuss in the driverless transport industry. 

As Dubai keeps accepting more autonomous transportation devices, Location Solutions continues to innovate and enhance the business’ and the individual’s transport experience; doing so by crossing new milestones in fleet management and GPS tracking with every finalized project.

With exhibitions like Techspo for technological innovations and WETEX for green energy still coming up in October, Location Solutions is ready to embrace all coming transport smart needs for a better and more productive future. 


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