Fuel Theft Prevention Made Easy for RAK MIX with Location Solutions

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Fuel Theft Prevention Made Easy for RAK MIX with Location Solutions

Fuel theft has been a major cause of concern among the fleet-operators and vehicle-owners for a long time. RAK Mix LLC a company, headquartered in Dubai, is a pioneer in ready-mix concrete business in Ras Al Khaimah, is handling hundreds of daily operations to transport concrete from the batching plants to the job sites. 

Considering their operational volume, cost of assets and the maintenance factor – RAK MIX was in need of a comprehensive system that would minimize the losses, control their data and indicate potential areas of improvement. 

One of the main challenges that the company was faced with was the fuel theft.  With the help of Location Solutions, CAN-enabled GPS tracking devices were installed that allowed fuel readings since June 2019.  Multiple fuel theft events have been detected since then and taken into control, efficiency was raised and the drivers responsible were sanctioned. 

Our fuel theft detection system works by sending real-time alerts to the fleet manager in events of irregular fuel consumption and fuel loss. The solution is suitable for fleets of any size and can trigger alerts even when the vehicle’s ignition is off.

Our monitoring system uses the high-level detection technology to measure the height of fuel level in the tank and ascertains theft areas by marking them as geofences and setting the alerts accordingly. Using the “theft risk-zone” geofence logic, whenever an unauthorized person goes to the geofence area suspected as “high-risk theft area” – alerts will be triggered. The system offers real-time detection of the fuel level to prevent fuel theft patterns and save the vehicle operating cost. 

By factoring in the real-time monitoring system, which provides access to multiple KPIs and value reports, RAK Mix was able to prevent fuel theft from happening. 

Fuel theft solution has proved to be one of the most important investments for RAK MIX LLC and has had a great ROI potential within a short span of time. 

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