Working from home – here’s how to maintain the management of your fleet

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Working from home – here’s how to maintain the management of your fleet

Location Solutions has teams dispersed in the Middle East region as well as in parts of Europe, covering different spots of in the world is always the go-to; however, under today’s circumstances, the situation is more challenging with the current circumstances of the Covid-19 outbreak. Most of Location Solutions’ employees have started working from home in an effort to steer away from potential risks and to remain with loved ones. 

During this time our team is managing to work from home with the same stamina that is given in the office and even the same steep level of communication with one another as well as with our clients. Location Solutions wants to assure that the team is working best and that’s why we provide them with adequate resources to continue with actively pursuing their work goals and training. 

How is it possible to manage and assist to manage a fleet that is running under strict health and safety regulations at the moment while being at home? 

Other than steering away from contaminated areas, ensuring proper sanitization, and view live vehicles location at any time on your computer (discussed earlier on the blog), Location Solutions services prove more effective with more ways to connect.

With telematics, long distant management has always been the first selected option, yet with Location Solutions, the most accessible fleet management service is in the palm of your hand, quite literally. With the different phone applications, every function of your system can be updated, reached, and modified through a smartphone app. 

Accessing vehicle details is easy on your mobile App allowing you to view unlimited monitored information: 

Location Solutions smartphone platform sharing the history of vehicles’ details

Vehicle History on your phone App 
You are able to access and review all history details about your vehicle at any time of the day or any day of the week. The application highlights these details for you and can even notify you of changes upon your request. 

With this type of feature, knowing how accessible it is to monitor previous actions through only your phone app, you will rest assured that your fleet is well taken care of and your operations are running smoothly. 

Location Solutions smartphone platform sharing the details of vehicles

Vehicle Details on your phone App 
Every vehicle’s details are also accessible to view and monitor starting with the installed sensors within them and more so to the vehicle itself. 

With this feature whatever maintenance issue can be predicted through your phone and might be averted simply because you viewed relevant detail on your phone. 

Live Map on your phone App 
Here, you are able to view the live location of all of your vehicles through only your mobile phone at any time in which your sensors are activated. 

Location Solutions smartphone platform sharing the live location of vehicles

Leaving you with the peace of mind that your vehicles are well at work or at rest when need be. 

Location Solutions phone applications are compatible with iOS and Android and have a dedicated customer service team to assist you with your queries or issues. 

We are looking out for you and will always have your comfort and the convenience of your business a priority. Get in touch now to learn more about our apps and what they can do for you.

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