Bimonthly LS2 system updates from Location Solutions

Location Solutions

Bimonthly LS2 system updates from Location Solutions

In December 2019, under our plan to continuously improve the services we provide to you, we added certain features to better your LS2 Platform experience. You will read below about the additions and amendments to the system and how it benefits your work process. 


The Geofence Reports

Below you can see a screenshot of the newly updated Geofence report. You can now see units in and out of a certain area of your choosing along with time period, off-time, and more parameters. 

Example: a client needed a tool to conveniently track the collection of garbage containers. It is quite a challenge to generate the report on each garbage truck and then merge all of them into one. Now, a single report provides information on the frequency of garbage removal from the particular area and which vehicles were engaged.

Custom Sensor Values in Reports

In an attempt to make data management more flexible, we added features that allow you to compare data from CAN and GPS easily. Maximum, minimum, average, initial, and final values of the custom sensor are now newly added columns to Fuel Theft, Fuel Fillings, Geofence, and Eco-driving. 

Flexible Report Filtering Order

You can now manipulate the order of the filters you’re using in your report. Once you select your needed order, data will come out filtered as desired in the report table. 

Example: previously, when you needed the report to show engine hours outside the geofence that lasted more than 10 minutes, the filters left only those rows in which engine hours exceeded 10 minutes, with the intervals outside the geofence extracted from them afterward. With such filter implementation, the report could include the data that actually did not meet the specified conditions. Now you can first filter the intervals outside the geofence, and then – those that lasted more than 10 minutes. Thus, the report data is going to be correct.

See below is an example of how you can customize the report settings when complicated filtration is needed

Dashboard: Units

We’ve updated the dashboard in a manner which allows you to access basic information about the unit easily. You can now click on the unit on the dashboard and a small pop-up window will appear with information like location and more. 


An addition of “Unit moving without driver” notification option is now possible. This is a notification that will pop up in case the vehicle is being used by an unauthorized or anonymous driver. This also works in case of a stolen vehicle.

See below the Speed Notification update. Now a notification can be received once a driver exceeds a previously set speeding limit.

History Storage Period Notification

To avoid situations where storage history is lost, we’ve developed a notification pop-up alarming that all dependent accounts will be affected once the history storage period is reduced. 

CMSv6 video integration 

You can watch online videos and request for photos which are now all readable with the program. We also support in LS2 GPS Tracks, Digital inputs, alarms, ADAS

We hope this was helpful.

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