Location Solutions providing top-notch customer reaching experience

Location Solutions

Location Solutions providing top-notch customer reaching experience

We, at Location Solutions, continue to provide our best possible products that keep our clients’ fleets in order and fully productive, and with great products comes great service that we vow to maintain!

Our customer care and support units work tirelessly to provide the ultimate comfort to our clients. With a well-put strategy that includes goal setting sessions, installation, implementation phase, and client training sessions in that order. 

Consultative approach. Customer needs and concerns come first: based on that our team advises the best product(s) and elaborates on the long-term and short-term benefits for the customer fleet. Fleet management systems show great results in the long run, this needs to be established from the very outset, and a business agenda for each client is formed to keep expectations realistic.

When presented with a large project, we go beyond the readily available products to customize a fit specifically to the client. Installation begins after the client is happy with the presented future outcomes. 

Step-by-step implementation. Following the installation phase (whether it’s a standard GPS tracking package or a more advanced solution pertaining to temperature monitoring, driver behavior or CAN-enabled solutions..etc), an initial training and implementation sessions are conducted with the customer’s stakeholders to ensure a smooth onboarding process and to set the realistic targets. Operations and the fleet management teams are trained separately to make sure that the department is equipped with all the right tools to manage to track on their own. Implementations show better results if the system is actively utilized, benefits are regularly reassessed.

Certification. After said training sessions, a dedicated certifying process takes place (in accordance with the various types of products/training existing) to further ensure that those who attended and passed the exams are operational and reliable. 

Proactive support. Thereafter, and after the product knowledge is fully attested, our customer care team remains on standby for any questions and queries. Proactive support is another strong component that Location Solutions takes pride in. Our customer care unit continues to monitor the customer fleet for any deviations, or failed connections, and alerts the client to take action if such is needed.

Regular updates. Our services after installation also include updates to the installed system which will periodically take place as our technology develops – while simultaneously, of course, providing training with each update and with every new group of members to the client’s team. 



“Our goal is to ensure that our customers are fulfilled with every aspect of the product, utilizing its all functionalities and eventually drive obvious success to their businesses. Maintaining the best after-sales support is a critical metric of successful B2B services and that is why we pay every possible effort to be the best.”