Artificial Intelligence in Fleet Management presented by Location Solutions at the Gulf Traffic 2019

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Artificial Intelligence in Fleet Management presented by Location Solutions at the Gulf Traffic 2019


This year’s Gulf Traffic Conference took place at the Dubai World Trade Centre on the 9th to the 11th of December. Key Government and Municipality representatives from the entire region took part at the event including the RTA, DMAT, Ministry of Interior (UAE, Kuwait), Sharjah RTA, Traffic Police Saudi Arabia, Dubai Police, Abu Dhabi Police, Ministry of Transport Oman and Ministry of Transport Saudi Arabia.

The UAE Government, in particular, wants to lower its road fatality numbers from 6.1/100,000 inhabitants by the end of 2016 to 3.0/100,000 inhabitants by 2021and are thus taking a keen interest in technologies that improve general road safety.

Panel Discussion during Gulf Traffic 2019 discussing Artificial Intelligence

The number of passenger cars in the GCC is estimated to reach 19.1 million by 2020 according to research from analysts Frost & Sullivan. This poses a very obvious safety risk on the region’s roads, which are already intensely crowded and proving incredibly dangerous on a daily basis. Which is a reason for the expo to be merged with the conference where panelists and keynote speakers presented on various topics from Ai for transportation, Road Safety and Infrastructure to Fleet Management and E-mobility.

Location Solutions was invited as a facilitator and the keynote speaker within the sections of AI in Transportation and Fleet Management. AI in transportation segment was wrapped around the concepts and technologies which are already affecting the pace of transportation, the government initiatives and the strategic visions 2030, 2050. Players such as Huawei, Flir Systems, Nokia, Streamax and Kapsch were talking the role of AI and e-mobility, and how deep learning algorithms are being utilized today to assess the traffic situation and work on the preventive measures to mitigate the risks.

Ms. Volha Smirnova, Brand Manager at Location Solutions at Gulf Traffic 2019

Ms. Volha Smirnova, the Brand Manager of Location Solutions, presented the retrospective view on how smart technologies evolved from 2012, marked as the boost of telematics technologies, up till be point of today, when we are using AI in video-management solutions to control the drivers based on face-recognition. Ms. Volha spoke about some of the trends, actively supported by the government, such as the EC3 control center, the autonomous developments, and the assisted driving projects, aimed at improving the safety of the region. Volha focused on the role of telematics systems and service providers, and the range of offerings available nowadays in terms of after-market telematics. She mentioned that the flexibility of Location Solutions and the ability to change and adjust toward the stringent requirements is what keeps the company moving and guarantees future success.


On November 11th, Location Solutions was in charge of an entire Fleet Management sectioned, chairpersoned by Ms. Volha Smirnova.

The speakers from various backgrounds, from telematics hardware providers, OEMs, technology enablers to startups attended the session and offered multiple solutions to addressing the issues of telematics.

Panel discussion discussing Artificial Intelligence

Evoteq spoke about the digitalization of the entire logistics and asset management segment, Mercedes suggested that embedded telematics came to replace the after-market systems and will soon dominate the region, Xirgo Global and Streamax offered innovations in telematics hardware and came with a number of case studies and implementations to share. Scoot911 reckoned that the concept of emobility, which comes with vaster implementation of e-powered scooters, will address the issues of last-mile delivery, while STS focused on the Driving behavior management, utilized in their bus segment and the patterns of good driving they are so actively advocating by means of advanced telematics.

Ms. Volha Smirnova, Brand Managet during Gulf Traffic 2019

Location Solutions offered an alternative view on the driver as part of the traffic ecosystem and mentioned, that apart from using the driver as the central point of evaluation ( driving patterns, condition and working hours) – the company is working on a series of motivational apps, used in incentive schemes for the drivers. the apps received good response and support from the audience, as the tool is using a scoring system of assessing the driver, and presents results to the driver in a gamified format. This new approach received positive feedback from the audience actively employed in telematics.

The section gathered a lot of quality feedback and responses from attendees, sparked interesting and valuable discussions, and provided opportunities for networking and partnerships.