Passenger Transportation


Optimizing pick-ups and drop-offs have never been easier
thanks to our Passenger Transportation Services

Passenger Transportation

Looking to optimise scheduled transportation, or opting for a school bus management system? In both cases we have your back.

Ensure the full adherence to the route, take control of who boards and off-boards the vehicle, RFID scanning systems help to personalize the data, and optimize the number of buses necessary to fulfill the job. Seamless navigation tools and SOS/Panic alerts are enabled to make sure that periodical maintenance checks are carried out on buses, and advanced trip and incident reporting is integrated for a complete overview of the vehicle cycle.

Key Features:

GPS tracker by location solutions

GPS Tracking

Driver monitoring by location solutions

Driver Behaviour

speed optimization

Speed Management

Safety ,measurements logo by location solutions

Safety Checks

real time video monitoring

Real Time Video Monitoring

dispatch management system

Intelligent Dispatch Management System

RFID system

RFID Scanning


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