Location Solutions approved by Frost and Sullivan


Another win in Fleet Management for Location Solutions!

Location Solutions approved by Frost and Sullivan
Location Solutions now proudly holds this year’s award for best practices in Enabling Technology Leadership in Fleet Monitoring Solution for the Road Transport Industry provided by non-other than Frost & Sullivan. This award was presented after we, at Location Solutions, proved that our contributions made significant changes in our clients’ Fleet Management Systems and after the various Fleet Monitoring valuable initiatives that we successfully implemented over the years.

GCC Fleet Management Solutions:

We are firmly revolutionizing the GCC Fleet Management industry by empowering customers with live vehicle tracking and monitoring accompanied with reports on asset use and driver behavior. We are achieving the above by being accessible to our GCC client base through our offices in numerous GCC cities: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Muscat, Cairo, Doha, Rabat, and others.

Creativity in Fleet Monitoring and Vehicle Tracking Systems:

In addition to the grounded atmosphere we provide in our client relationship management (CRM) we also take pride in our creativity towards our initiatives. We proudly took the first steps towards the complete reestablishment of the fleet management systems in GCC which began with vehicle GPS tracking systems to driver monitoring solutions and detailed reports to follow. Our affiliations were many; however, one of our most prominent partnerships was with Continental Middle East in which we added the tire pressure sensors to their packages – a system which constantly alerts the driver of loss of air pressure in the tires resulting in a more reliable service that is less prone to accidents and delays. Another prominent example is our implementation of the weigh-in-motion project with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in UAE – a project that carried the task of monitoring cargo weight onboard limits through constantly keeping in check the weight of the heavy commercial vehicles.
Our systems’ effectiveness to our Transportation and Logistics industry clients proved a 90% reduction in vehicle abuse and misuse due to the more efficient and reliable monitoring we offer, a 95% live visibility of their operating assets in geo-locations, and a reduction of 20% when it comes to fuel consumption. Our automation solutions save up on implementation time through making convenient integration and quick deployment of manually handled fleet solutions possible.

Our approach to Customized Fleet Management Products/Services:

Our consultative approach highlights the reliable and trust worthy relationship we’ve established with our clients, for our ability to customize our products based on clients’ requirements enables our clients to add features and data volumes to the platform by simply switching modules. The organized, highly efficient, and constantly reviewed product/service cycle at Location Solutions assures our clients’ satisfaction. The cycle comes to life the moment the request is made through CRM, it afterwards goes through an evaluation by our Marketing and Sales team, attempts an approval in our Support Department, and thereafter proceed to Prototype Phase.
Our system is established based on product/service consultancy, implementation, integration, and training. Our system’s goal is to cut the total cost of ownership. We offer proactive support modules backed by telematics technical skills and maintain an overall performance that triumphs our competitors.