Delivery Services


Connecting with operators delivering items throughout the day
is now easier than ever through our Delivery Services

Delivery Services

Logistics and transportation businesses have changed drastically since the day paperless route scheduling was implemented. Want to change together with them?

You can leverage your fleet management operations by using technology to communicate with your drivers at any time en-route. Our advanced eco-driving module enables the tracking of both driver and vehicle performance by adhering to the limits established by the fleet manager for his vehicles. Our logistics module ensures that it would be easy for the customers to plan the receipt of their order. As for fleet manager – the full job management history and order completion status are at his fingertips at all times.

Key Features:

Message box by location solutions

"Chatterbox" for driver communication

Logistics tracking by location solutions

Logistics module

location solutions gps tracking

Order management tools

delivery tracking by location solutions

Delivery service app

Route optimization by location solutions

Route optimization

Driver monitoring by location solutions

Driving behavior

User logo by location solutions

Client application


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