Rabitat Makkah Transportation

Client : Rabitat Makkah Transportation

Rabitat Makkah Transportation was one of the few and first organizations to consent and achieve their licenses, after the request from GCS (General Cars Syndicate) 3 years ago, that all pilgrim transportation vehicles ought to have a tracking system integrated with GCS servers.

Case Studies : Rabitat Makkah Transportation
The Cause

Location Solutions helped Rabitat Makkah to track and manage the fleet better by installing tracking devices in their buses that commute pilgrims from sacred places of prayer every August. Each year, more than 1.8 million Hajj pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia amid final preparations for the most sacred week in the Islamic calendar.


In the year 2019 the GCS had new regulations for the tracking devices installed in pilgrim transportation buses, that all the devices should be ready to communicate with their servers directly connected to the bus onboard computer to get accurate readings of fuel, speed, odometer. Likewise, units need to communicate with the temperature sensors to know the current temperature inside the bus.
Rabitat Makkah was faced with a challenge to find and install devices that would be compatible with new regulations. Location Solutions was able to help with such technology, and provide installations for 400 buses in a short period by working day and night as the Hajj season (Pilgrimage) was only a week away! The newly installed units are not only compatible with GSC regulations, but are also communicating remotely with a smart fleet management system that ensures safety, efficiency and full control of Rabitat Makkah assets and passengers!
The availability of tracking units enabled Rabitat Makkah transportation to operate in full swing during the Hajj Season without any delay or loss in their operation and business.

Solution :

Compliance factors with GSC standards brought essential benefits, especially that Rabitat Makkah were able to guide drivers over the radio if any of them got lost (as most of the pilgrim drivers are seasonal drivers that come to Saudi Arabia during the Hajj Season, and may not necessarily have experience with local infrastructure).
Apart from compliance benefits, these new installations benefitted Rabitat Makkah in a variety of ways. The carrier was able to not only to ensure the safety of pilgrims, monitor their buses and prevent theft, but the installation of panic buttons was a timely advantage, the driver was able to send a distress signal whenever his bus was faced with breakage or needed assistance. The panic button, if triggered, would generate a notification directly to the maintenance department, and a mobile shop truck would be sent right away for fixations. Following that - another bus would be sent to deliver the pilgrims to their destinations.

Results :

Location Solutions holds a strong relation with Rabitat Makkah Transportation, as part of the service package – LS investigates any incidents such as car crash, engine breakdown or theft in any of their buses. Our support team works non-stop and is available to assist promptly even during the Hajj season where such kinds of incidents should be handled on the spot!