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Client: Momentum Logistics

Momentum Logistics putting their drivers first with LS products

Case Studies : Momentum Logistics
When it comes to logistics in the Gulf, nobody comes close to the quality of what Momentum Logistics offers on the table – from inland transportation to container services, to Freight Forwarding and more. Momentum Logistics uses Location Solutions platforms to keep track of their diverse assets and drivers. We are lucky to have them as our clients as they utilize these platforms not just to optimize their fleet, but also to optimize the comfort of their fleet operators.

Momentum Logistics uses LS2 Platform to take extra safety measures for the drivers in an attempt to increase their safety and well-being. Our tracking mechanism shows drivers’ actual driving durations in real-time. This enables quick identification of overdriving if it happens, which can then be addressed and averted right away. In Momentum Logistics, drivers are encouraged to rest for at least 8 hours before starting work that day and are only allowed to drive for less than10 hours continuously.

Martin Roberts, Transport Manager at Momentum Logistics, believes that ensuring drivers’ comfort will lead to enhanced productivity and safety on the road. Prioritizing the drivers’ convenience also reduces the risk of abuse and misuse.

With such regulations, we can see that LS products are used for more than their intended purposes and are a standing testimony to their varied functionality on the road.