Client : Dubai Airports

Significant savings in fuel costs, lower emissions levels, and more efficient use of its buses and coaches are resulting from a pioneering use at Dubai International Airport of a vehicle tracking and fleet management system developed by Location Solutions.

Case Studies : Dubai Airports

The Cause

Dubai International Airport is one if the busiest airports in the world, that services more than 88.2 million customers annually, connects more than 240 destinations across six continents onover 100 airlines. With traffic is projected to surpass 90 million in 2018, DXB is a dynamic and fast-growing airport that had its own challenges when it came to managing its various on-land assets.


With over 20,000 critical assets incorporated in daily airport operations, scheduled shuttle buses and catering facilities, DXB was looking for an automated approach to its planning and inland logistics. Given the size of business and the upcoming EXPO 2020 to be held in Dubai, the airport was to make sure it’s ready to face even greater challenges and higher loads of traffic.

Solution :

The simple but highly effective solution provided by Location Solutions involves the use of several integrated brands of hardware (link), fitted into each vehicle, and enabled with bluetooth and RFID reading technologies to be be able to communicate with multiple tags and gateways. Hardware and its auxiliary components interact with, a web-based software providing real-time monitoring of airport vehicle movements. Other vehicle information can be gathered and recorded by the web-based system from which valuable reports can be generated, enabling better control and management of vehicle utilisation. Regardless of the cost of fuel in the United Arab Emirates, one of the major budget bottom lines comes from diesel used by our vehicles on the ground. As well as the environmental benefits of reducing the amount of fuel we use, there are also significant cost savings – especially important in these days of high fuel costs.